Delivery price for this model is not included.

+21% VAT

4-6 weeks delivery term.

Hot tub specification:

Inner diameter 180 cm
Outer diameter 200 cm
Height 96 cm (+-4 cm)
Water capacity 1500 l (+-100 l)
Production time 3-5  Weeks
Fits people 5-6 Persons


Hot tub description:

Tank Fiberglass
Color Grey (black, white, blue Options are also available with no extra charge)
Decoration (wood) Spruce
Stairs 2 steps stairs
Lid Fiberglass
Stove Integrated stainless steel AISI 304 (can be used with salt water and chlorine) + 2m chimney with chimney protection
Extras Painted wood

Chimney protection

External water release faucet

1 LED light