About us

About us:

We manufacture high quality hot tubs according to individual wishes and requests. Our products can reach any country in Europe, in addition, when needed products can also be shipped outside of Europe. We offer handmade production, for this reason most accessories for the tub can be custom made. According to the needs of the customer, we can change the positions of the massage heads, choose the types of wood, choose the type of stoveand many other details.


Our mission:

  • Manufacture high quality production which would meet all quality standards and clients needs.
  • Certify that customer would be fully informed about our production: selection, manufacturing, delivery and installation processes.


  • Continuously progress and ensure that customers receive information on various innovations that can be integrated to meet the highest standards of comfort.


  • Reasonable ratio of price and quality.

Our vision:

  • We aim to be clients top choice while choosing this type of production.
  • Our intent is to be regarded as top quality hot tub manufacturers.
  • We constantly strive to  fulfill client’s needs towards our production.
  • We aim to grow and seek representatives even in all four corners of the globe.


Our Values:

  • Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Drive