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Hot tubs directly from manufacturer- Why is it worth it?

  • (Saving up your money) Buying from resellers means you overpay up to 25% for same product. We would rather offer you to use that money for your extra equipment in your Hot tub.
  • (100 % Warranty service) All warranty services will be done by manufacturers and will not take extra time for reseller to explain about Most of the times reseller will try NOT to take responsibility for product because he is using manufacturers Name and customer will be left without any service. Manufacturer will always try to keep his good name so our clients will never be left without warranty service.
  • (High quality) You will get high-quality products, because every product is tested and checked to be 100% quality before leaving our factory.
  • (Infinity options) All models are made by individual orders therefore is no problems to make Hot tub by your visions and ideas.
  • (Safe purchase) You will always be safe by purchasing from manufacturer, because your payment will never get stuck in reseller hands and all transactions will be done directly to manufacturer.
  • (We are responsible for our products) We will always be responsible for our product while it is in our factory, and we will take care that your product will be delivered to you safely, because it is important for us that the product reaches you with the quality that it was produced.

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According to the inner diameter of the bath tub and the average physique of the adult (average height – 175 cm, average weight – 70 kg, average shoulder width – 55 cm):

150 cm bath diameter: ~ 3 – 4 pers.

160 cm bath tub Diameter: ~ 4 Pers.

170 cm bath tub Diameter: ~ 4 – 5 Pers.

180 cm bath barrel diameter: ~ 5-7 pers.

190 cm bath diameter: ~ 6 -7 Pers.

200 cm Bathtub Diameter: ~ 7 – 8 Pers.

220 cm bath tub diameter: ~ 8 – 9 pers.


After heating the heater and before boarding it is recommended to check if the water temperature is not higher than 38-40 Celsius degrees.  Time of water heating in different seasons outdoors (suitable for internal and external wood fired heaters):In summer: ~ 2 – 3 hoursIn winter: ~ 3 – 4 hours Time of water heating in different seasons outdoors (suitable for electric heater):In summer: ~ 5-6 hoursIn winter: ~ 6-8 hours

This description gives you just some general information. The full and detailed usage guide of a hot tub is included after purchase.

Glass fiber bath tubs look very luxurious, bath tub shape is made after bending the human back. In fiberglass bath tub it is very comfortable to sit, it is similar to sitting on the sofa. We can make the fiberglass bath tub of different colors, according to customer requirements.

Bouth heaters are good and comfortable to use. The difference is that, internal heater is using place inside the hot tub (it takes place of 2 people). External heater takes extra place alongside hot tub.

It is important to remember that you can‘t start using heater to early. Firing of the stove may begin only after the hot tub has been filled with water.

Before draining water from hot tub you have to make sure that stove is completely empty and there is no more hot ashes inside.

We manufacture high quality hot tubs according to individual wishes and requests!